Chubby Gristle

ZX Spectrum

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Chubby Gristle is one of the fattest car park attendants ever
and as the game progresses he is likely to get even bigger.
On a good day he's barking out instructions such as "You
can't park here" but if you happen to be in favour he'll
probably mumble "I'll have a word with t'Commissioner and
try and sort something out for you". Love 'em or hate 'em,
car park attendants can't be ignored!
Chubby's one passion in life is FOOD and plenty of it and his
aim is to eat his way through 20 screens stuffing himself silly
and reaching that one ton mark. If he doesn't, then the
consequences of being sent to a health farm just don't bear
thinking about!
Throughout the game you need to collect certain items to
help you later on but be choosy as not all items will help you.
If Chubby is successful in the mission through the screens and
weighs in at one ton, his reward will be to go home to Mrs.
Gristle for a good fry up or a steak and kidney pie followed
by Spotted Dick. So it's up to you to help Chubby in his
conquest to become a one ton giant.


Chubby Gristle (EU)

31st December 1988

Teque Software Development

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