Black Lamp

ZX Spectrum

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Black Lamp. Capture it... and the hand of a princess.

No joke. Jolly Jack the Jester wants more from his boss (the King) than a few good laughs. He wants his daughter's hand in marriage. The King, of course, thinks Jack is truly jesting. But what the hey. If Jack can rid the Kingdom of a plague of evil beasties, Jack can have her. If he can't, Jack dies.

Black Lamp is wonderful, witty, once-upon-a-time tale that has earned rave reviews for its graphics, sound and superb quality. This medieval melodrama pits the hero, Jolly Jack, against a host of animated animals and characters including skull-dropping buzzards, evil eagles and spitting witches to confront the fire-breathing angry dragon for the enchanted Black Lamp.

Does Jack have something more than a few bad jokes up his sleeve? Is the King's sorcerer the source of surprises? Will Jack and Princess Grizelda live happily ever after? Play Black Lamp and find out!

Extraordinary animation, detailed backdrops and excellent animation makes Black Lamp a winner!

Exciting multi-level play. Fast arcade action and multi levels provide hours and hours of addictive gameplay.

Appealing hero. Romance, action and adventure surround this very likeable hero!.


Black Lamp Boxart

Black Lamp (EU)

31st December 1988

Atari Corporation

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