Bismarck: The North Sea Chase

ZX Spectrum

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Germany's massive dreadnought, Bismarck, sent Her Majesty's Ship Hood to the bottom of the icy Atlantic on the evening of 24 May 1941. Of the Hood's 1,415 crewmen, only 3 survived.

Bismarck's guns are powerful enough to hurl automobile-sized shells for miles. With such awesome firepower, can she invincibly prowl the sea lanes? Can Britain stop her?

Bismarck- The North Sea Chase is a taut, multi-level game featuring full joystick control; real-time action; and variable speed and difficulty levels. You're in charge of an exciting array of technical controls: Main Screen Map, Air Reconnaissance Screen, Weather Forecasting, Radar Search, Bridge Command and more!

And when it's time for action, you direct the anti-aircraft and heavy guns; launch torpedo attacks; and manage damage control!

If you tire of command from the bridge, you can pilot a Fairey Swordfish torpedo plane off a carrier flight deck. Hunt Bismarck from the air via this exciting, cockpit-perfect flight simulator.

With options to control either The Royal Navy or the infamous German battleship, Bismarck-The North Sea Chase provides an abundance of intriguing, sharp-edged game play.


Bismarck: The North Sea Chase (EU)

31st December 1987

Datasoft, Inc.

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