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The player controls an alchemist who has been summoned to defeat an evil warlock. The game is set inside the warlock's castle, with the game's primary objective being finding four pieces of a magic scroll. This allows the alchemist to use the "Spell of Destruction" to defeat the warlock.

The alchemist can transform into a golden eagle, requiring the use of spell energy. Transforming between the two is essential to completing the game. The alchemist can hurl lightning bolts and other spells, but the eagle form is required to negotiate steep hills or drops. The alchemist can only carry one item at a time and must consume food to keep stamina levels up. Movement, bumping into objects, or transforming depletes the character's stamina. Fighting monsters also reduces the character's stamina, although this can be mitigated by carrying an axe or sword.


Alchemist Boxart

Alchemist (EU)

31st December 1983

PRISM Micro-informatique S.A.

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