Valkyria Revolution

Xbox One

  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Developer: Sega
  • Publisher(s): Sega
  • First release: 19th January 2017
  • Genres(s): Action Strategy RPG

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In the wake of a revolution, Jutland's elite soldiers, the Vanargand, must band together to defeat the Ruzi Empire and stop death itself—the Valkyria. With an engaging story full of political intrigue, a battle system that mixes real-time combat and tactical strategy, a gorgeous visual style, and more, Valkyria Revolution will immerse players into the frontlines of a desperate war.Equipped with advanced mana weaponry and wielding powerful ragnite spells, this grizzled anti-Valkyria squad will charge head on to combat the terrifying threat of the Valkyria. However, Amleth Gronkjaer, the commanding officer of Vanargand, hides a terrible secret. Is he friend or foe to the country he has sworn to protect?


Valkyria Revolution Boxart

Valkyria Revolution (JPN)

19th January 2017


Valkyria Revolution Boxart

Valkyria Revolution (NA)

27th June 2017


Valkyria Revolution Boxart

Valkyria Revolution (EU)

30th June 2017


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