Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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A Super Famicom RPG set in a version of feudal Japan. It was developed by TOSE and published by Intec.

Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku ("A Dreamlike Illusion", roughly) is an RPG set in a version of Sengoku era Japan. It otherwise plays like a standard JRPG, with a turn-based system that uses large enemy sprites in the center of the screen a la Phantasy Star or Dragon Quest.

The game was one of two games ever published by Intec for the Super Famicom. They usually worked with the Turbo CD/PCE-CD system. It was never localized into English or released outside of Japan.


Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku Boxart

Yume Maboroshi no Gotoku (JPN)

17th December 1993


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