Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban is a baseball simulator from Culture Brain and part of their Ultra Baseball series of games, which take a slightly more surreal route than other baseball franchises by giving players special abilities to use. The first two games in the series are better known in the US as Baseball Simulator 1.000 and Super Baseball Simulator 1.000.

Jitsumeiban means "Real Player Version", due to the game being officially licensed by Nippon Professional Baseball, which allowed them to use actual team and player names. There would eventually be two more Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban games for the Super Famicom, released in 1994 and 1995.


Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban Boxart

Ultra Baseball Jitsumeiban (JPN)

28th August 1992

Micro Academy

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