Super Family Tennis

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Super Family Tennis is a tennis game that was created by Namcot for the Super Nintendo in 1993. It was released in Europe as Smash Tennis by Virgin Interactive.
The controls of Smash Tennis work similar to other tennis games and especially Namco's previous tennis game World Court Tennis: the player moves the athlete over the court and presses buttons with the correct timing in order to win the match. This time there is no story mode, but a tournament mode instead. Here the goal is to win the Grand Slam by playing various tournament matches. However. a match only has a single set. There are 20 athletes (both male and female) to choose from which have different advantages and drawbacks.


Super Family Tennis Boxart

Super Family Tennis (JPN)

25th June 1993

Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Super Family Tennis Boxart

Super Family Tennis (EU)

1st February 1994

Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

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