Pop'n TwinBee

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Heroes Light and Pastel decide to go out and help a young maiden bring sense back to her scientist father, who apparently has bumped his head and transformed into a evil mastermind that seeks world domination.

As the other games in the series Pop'n Twinbee is a vertically-scrolling arcade shooter in which you and a friend get behind the controls of Twinbee and Winbee, the cutest starfighters ever created, and try to clear stage after stage of enemies with your weapons. Being a console original instead of a port, Pop'n features a number of additions to the gameplay mechanics, including an energy bar, eight difficulty levels and a handicap feature when playing with a friend (which makes most enemies target one fighter instead of the other).


Pop'n TwinBee Boxart

Pop'n TwinBee (JPN)

1st January 1993

Palcom EU

Pop'n TwinBee Boxart

Pop'n TwinBee (EU)

1st January 1993

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