NHL '94

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Aside from the licenses, the gameplay for this edition sees for the first time the inclusion of the devastating one-timer shot, but to keep forwards (literally) in check, defenders also feature harder body checks, with new animations. For an additional challenge, players can also choose to control the goalkeeper manually. A popular feature in previous editions, fighting is completely removed from the game. Game modes include exhibition games (or "regular season" in-game), playoffs (best of one or best of seven) and an all new shoot-out mode. The main options remain basically the same couple since the establishment of the series - period length (5, 10 or 20 minutes), line changes (off, manual or the new automatic mode) and penalties. (off, on, on but no offsides).


NHL '94 Boxart

NHL '94 (NA)

1st October 1993

EA Sports

NHL '94 Boxart

NHL '94 (EU)

31st March 1994

EA Sports

NHL '94 Boxart

NHL '94 (JPN)

8th April 1994

EA Sports

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