Miracle Girls

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Mikage and Tomomi Matsunaga are not exactly your ordinary junior high school students. The two girls have a well kept secret - they are the 'Miracle Girls', and they both share extraordinary powers allowing them to communicate telepathically or to vanish into thin air and teleport themselves at will. The game begins in a school campus, just as the girls and four of their friends are about to start their lunch break. Suddenly, a glowing ball of light appears and teleport them into a distant and strange world. Furthermore, her friends have now mysteriously disappeared and the two girls embark on a long journey to find out who is behind all these strange events... The player can either play as Mikage or her twin sister Tomomi, and they both come equipped with the most unusual weapon - candies.


Miracle Girls Boxart

Miracle Girls (JPN)

22nd October 1993


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