Lester the Unlikely

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Marooned on a tropical island far from home, Lester faces it all with the courage of a small frightened rodent. Our unlikely hero has as much trouble walking as he does facing treacherous obstacles. It's the ultimate "geek to greatness" adventures as you guide Lester through his rite of passage. Help him face the terrors of the beach, the haunting chills of the underworld and the dreaded pirates of the south seas. Do all of this and Lester just might make it home, maybe even a little cooler than when he started. There's just one catch though, Lester can be slithly opinionated when it comes to his safety.


Lester the Unlikely Boxart

Lester the Unlikely (NA)

1st January 1994


Lester the Unlikely Boxart

Lester the Unlikely (JPN)

16th September 1994


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