Hong Kong 97

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Hong Kong 97 is a 1995 multidirectional shooter video game made in Japan for the Super Famicom in disk drive format by HappySoft Ltd., a homebrew game company. The game was designed by the Japanese game journalist Kowloon Kurosawa (クーロン黒沢), who said the game was made in about a week. The game has gained a cult following in Japan and Taiwan for its notoriously poor quality — it has been ranked as a kusoge, which literally means "shitty game", a game considered "so bad that it's good". It has since been given multiple parody treatments.
The game also achieved Number One "Wacky Japanese Game of All Time" in the XLEAGUE.TV video game TV show Wez and Larry's Top Tens and was featured in an episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd.


Hong Kong 97 Boxart

Hong Kong 97 (JPN)

31st December 1995

Kowloon Kurosawa

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