HammerLock Wrestling

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Plug in Hammerlock and get a look at in-your-face, action-packed wrestling like you've never seen it before: up close. How close? Jaleco's exclusive ringside perspective brings the action right under your eyelids. In addition to the main screen, you get two ringside screens. See your opponent's hand pull back for a punch so you can time your dodge perfectly. Then watch the close-up screen explode to twice its regular size as you grab his legs and throw him into a spine splintering suplex. See it all like it's just inches away - closer than you've ever seen it before.

- 12 wrestlers and over 60 joint-wrenching moves!
- Up to 4 players can compete in tag team matches AT THE SAME TIME!
- Tournament, tag team, and exhibition matches for a wide variety of fun.
- Different arenas, out-of-the-ring fighting, referee calls, and all the other thrills of a real wrestling match!


HammerLock Wrestling Boxart

HammerLock Wrestling (JPN)

30th September 1994


HammerLock Wrestling Boxart

HammerLock Wrestling (NA)

1st October 1994


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