Disney's Bonkers

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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Three of Toontown's most precious treasures, the Sorcerer's Hat (from Fantasia), the Mermaid's Voice (The Little Mermaid), and the Magic Lamp (Aladdin), are stolen. After a car accident Lucky Piquel is hospitalized and as such, Bonkers D. Bobcat has to resolve this case alone.

After traveling trough places like Wackytoon Studios and the city of Hollywood and facing old enemies like The Collector and Pops Clock, Bonkers manages to recover all the treasures thus concluding the game.


Disney's Bonkers Boxart

Disney's Bonkers (NA)

1st October 1994

Disney Interactive Studios

Disney's Bonkers Boxart

Disney's Bonkers (JPN)

3rd January 1995

Disney Interactive Studios

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