Ballz 3D

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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What is Ballz? Ballz is a killer 3-D fighting game. It's an in-your-face, all out fight to the finish with 8 unique characters and 8 bosses that punch, kick, club, slam, humiliate and fart on their opponents. Ballz even has an instant replay that shows you the damage from almost any angle. And with three times more special moves than those flat 2-D games, you're going to be doing lots of damage. Our characters will even morph into other characters whenever you want. Ballz also has a bunch of weird sound effects and a wisecracking scoreboard. It's the coolest *#!#@*#! fighting game on the shelf!


Ballz 3D Boxart

Ballz 3D (NA)

1st April 1994


Ballz 3D Boxart

Ballz 3D (JPN)

28th April 1995


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