Star Odyssey

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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A futuristic role-playing adventure game for the Sega Genesis, Mega Drive and all compatible video game systems, Star Odyssey is the first new game to be released in the classic gaming market in partnership with a company in Japan.

Star Odyssey is proudly presented through the partnership of Super Fighter Team and Starfish-SD Inc. Developed by Hot-B Co., Ltd., the game was then localized, debugged, partially reprogrammed and otherwise prepared for official worldwide release by Super Fighter Team.

Star Odyssey ships complete with 16-megabit game cartridge, 25 page full color instruction manual and plastic clamshell case with color insert. All parts are brand new, custom produced by our factory for the highest possible quality.

Star Odyssey plays on any NTSC or PAL Sega Genesis / Mega Drive system, including all compatible systems such as the Nomad, 32X, CDX, X'Eye, Laseractive, etc. Saving and loading your progress via the included SRAM battery is also supported on all systems.


Blue Almanac Boxart

Blue Almanac (JPN)

22nd June 1991


Star Odyssey Boxart

Star Odyssey (NA)

22nd June 2011

Super Fighter Team

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