Jurassic Park

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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Plunge into a heart-wrenching race for survival! On a tropical island, a violent hurricane rips through the dinosaur preserve, trapping the tourists and freeing the most terrifying animals in prehistory! Two bigger-than-life ways to play: Be a dinosaur! As a Raptor, rampage across the island battling other beasts and eluding the traps and weapons of your human enemies. As Grant, the paleontologist, arm yourself with tranquilizer guns, and sleeping-gas grenades. Dodge the slashing jaws of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the paralyzing spit of the Dilophosaurs! 16 mammoth megs of nerve-shredding action!


Jurassic Park (NA)

26th August 1993


Jurassic Park (JPN)

27th August 1993


Jurassic Park (EU)

28th August 1993


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