Budokan: The Martial Spirit

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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Walk the path of the warrior. Learn four classic martial arts- Karate, Kendo, Nunchaku and Bo. Combine power and grace into a dangerous black belt mix.

Enter Tobiko Ryu Dojo. Your journey to the Bodokan begins here. Are you willing to endure the hard training it takes to be called a master?

Tobiko Sensei observes your every action. Go to him for words on tactics, strategy, and guidance. Put your philosophy into action.

Say hello to Goro-San. If you survive him, eleven others are ready to teach you the zen of defeat. If you don't, it's konban-wa (goodnight!).

Do you fast attack for quick points or store up your ki (energy) for the devastating blow? Better decide before his Yari answers for you.

Authentic Japanese/Okinawan martial arts- all arts and weapons based on real life. Unique player interface allows for over 25 moves per style. Twelve authentic martial arts styles, including Yari, Tonfa, Kusari-gama and Naginata.


Budokan: The Martial Spirit (NA)

31st December 1990

SSI (Strategic Simulations, Inc.)

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