Bonanza Bros.

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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As either Mobo or Robo, you must collect all the treasures before leaving the ten buildings and shoot any security guards that get in your way. Remember that you are under a time limit. An in-game map will help you locate the treasures. There is a bonus stage after three buildings, where the object is to collect the gold bars in a limited amount of time without one of the three spotlights shining on you. If it is possible, hide behind open doors. If you manage to get all the gold bars, 10,000 points is added to your score. There are three of these bonus stages, but each of them varies.


Bonanza Bros. Boxart

Bonanza Bros. (NA)

16th May 1991


Bonanza Bros. Boxart

Bonanza Bros. (JPN)

17th May 1991


Bonanza Bros. Boxart

Bonanza Bros. (EU)

15th December 1991


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