Blaster Master 2

Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

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One day, four years after Jason, Eve, and Alex's battles with the Plutonium Boss, a bolt of lightning struck Jason's house in the land he had migrated to four years earlier and caused the ceiling to crumble, knocking him unconscious. When Jason woke up, SOPHIA 3rd NORA MA-02, which he had hidden in an abandoned barn, was in pieces and the parts he had collected four years ago from the Plutonium Boss' mutant Underbosses were missing. Little did Jason know that there were more Lightning Beings, the kinfolk of the Plutonium Boss, and they were planning to destroy the Earth. These beings started digging towards the Earth's core in order to shift the planet's weight off its axis, leading to total annihilation while they sapped the underworld of plutonium. The parts from SOPHIA 3rd were being used to create a template for the robotic army to assist the Lightning Beings in accomplishing their mission. Jason knew he had to stop them, but he also knew he wouldn't make it without the help of SOPHIA 3rd. Since he couldn't recover the parts, he decided to redesign & reconstruct it with (assumedly) the help of Eve to better prepare himself for the ordeal facing him. After 29 days, SOPHIA was completely rebuilt and ready for battle again, now known as SOPHIA 4th.

Following the Beings' footsteps, the group jumped in their new vehicle and headed towards the (presumably) Adirondack Mountains, where their quest began anew. In the end, Jason and company triumphed over the Lightning Beings' underworld invasion, vanquishing the Lightning being known only as the "Mutant Boss." SOPHIA 3rd's parts remained missing.


Blaster Master 2 Boxart

Blaster Master 2 (NA)

1st January 1993


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