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"Battlemaster is a fanatsy aracde adventure set in a world of myth and feudal strife. The land is in decay: isolated villages, towns and castles are divided by areas of chaotic monster-infested wilderness. Your task is to restore order by conquering the four kingdoms and handing their crowns to the Watcher who inhabits the Tower."

The player decides which race they want to play (Human, Orc, Dwarf or Elf) each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It is then a matter of clearing out areas of opponents and finding items to enhance your character's and companions abilities.

There are many traps to avoid and death is a constant in what most people would find a very tough game.

Gameplay for leader is action-oriented, with a menu that allows to Parley/Travel/Rally Troops, change formations or use items. The leader attacks with Melee and Projectile buttons. Some classes are more reliant on teammates than others. "Parley" allows you to buy (but not sell) items, or buy a Safe Pass (skip the area)


Battlemaster (NA)

20th September 1990

Arena Entertainment

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