Sega Dreamcast

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The Sega Dreamcast was Sega’s last released home console, launched first in Japan on 27th November 1998. The console included an internal modem and internet capability, allowing for online gaming, web browsing and checking of email.

Much like other consoles at the time, the Sega Dreamcast used memory cards to save game data. Although unlike other consoles, the Dreamcast introduced a new type of memory card which they called a Visual Memory Unit (VMU). The reason this memory card was so unique was due to it giving a monochrome display, buttons similar to a basic game controller and it also slotted into the game controller unlike other consoles where the memory card would slot directly into the console. Mini games were playable on the VMU itself, installed by particular Dreamcast games. Save data could be viewed directly on the VMU’s screen and transferred to other VMUs by connecting them together.

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