Mansion of Hidden Souls

Sega CD

  • Platform: Sega CD
  • Developer: System Sacom
  • Publisher(s): Sega
  • First release: 10th December 1993
  • Genres(s): Adventure

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Mansion of Hidden Souls is an adventure game created entirely with full-motion video. It takes place in a pre-rendered mansion that the player explores from a first-person perspective. As they wander from room to room, the action unfolds via video sequences.

The player takes on the role of Jonathan, a boy whose sister has wandered into the spooky mansion. When she entered the mansion, she disappeared! What's more, the mansion is full of talking butterflies. The player must search the whole mansion to unlock its secrets and find Jonathan's sister.


Mansion of Hidden Souls Boxart

Mansion of Hidden Souls (JPN)

10th December 1993


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