Burnout 3: Takedown

PlayStation 2

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Burnout 3 challenges you to crash into (and through) busy intersections, while creating as much damage as possible. You can battle your way to the front of the pack by taking down rivals and causing spectacular crashes. For those who thirst for crashes, the game includes a crash mode that rewards you for creating massive pileups. With multiplayer gameplay, more than 100 events, and 40 tracks, Burnout 3 provides intense speed and action.


Burnout 3: Takedown Boxart

Burnout 3: Takedown (NA)

8th September 2004

EA Games

Burnout 3: Takedown Boxart

Burnout 3: Takedown (EU)

10th September 2004

EA Games

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One of the best alternate racing games!

The Burnout series has always had a knack for great racing games with high octane car crashes and Burnout 3: Takedown takes it all the way! I really like the modes where it’s all about getting as higher damage total as possible. The commentator is pretty funny too, great when accompanied by the very suitable and enjoyable soundtrack.

Replayability: 7.8

Performance: 7.5

Music: 8.0

Fun: 8.4

Concept: 8.4

Graphics: 7.8

Length: 7.2

Controls: 8.0

- written on 12th January 2020, by NothingButZuul

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