Tantei Bokumetsu

Nintendo Switch

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Tantei Bokumetsu is a detective simulation adventure game in which 14 detectives confront a serial killer. Each character is a member of the “Detective Alliance,” an organization made up of top detectives. A range of detectives with unique personalities will appear, from the “Incompetent Detective” protagonist, to the “Armored Detective” clad in armor, “Literary Detective” with an excellent memory and love for books, “Netherworld Detective” who specializes in the occult, and more.

This case cannot be solved by one detective alone. During the game, investigation parts in which the detectives investigate will occur. However, the player’s avatar—the Incompetent Detective—does not have a special skill. So the key is for the player to give detailed instructions to their reliable detective colleagues and have them carry out the investigation on your behalf.


Tantei Bokumetsu Boxart

Tantei Bokumetsu (JPN)

27th May 2021

Nippon Ichi Software

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