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Retro-inspired tower defense and action platformer SolSeraph reinvents the classics!

As the guardian of humanity, civilization is in your hands. Build your cities and set up defensive structures to protect them from the constant threat of monsters, then descend into their lairs with sword and spells to eliminate them for good. Explore floating islands, ancient caverns, and lost cities. The world is yours!


SolSeraph Boxart

SolSeraph (NA)

10th July 2019


SolSeraph Boxart

SolSeraph (EU)

10th July 2019


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Great game but really struggles on the Switch

SolSeraph brings a lot to the table. I really liked the old style tower defence gameplay which you rarely see in modern gaming. Plus mix that kind of gameplay with beat ‘em up style levels and the game gets really enjoyable.

The main problems I had with the game were performance issues. I managed to get many cities into the game after many hours and just came across an issue where the game would just crash at the same point, stopping me from being able to finish the game.

The Switch also struggles with the games graphics. During the fighting stages the game looks real ugly.

Replayability: 6.7

Performance: 1.0

Music: 6.1

Fun: 8.6

Concept: 8.9

Graphics: 2.0

Length: 6.8

Controls: 7.5

- written on 4th January 2020, by NothingButZuul

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