Beach Spikers

Nintendo GameCube

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Beach Spikers delivers intense beach volleyball action for up to four players, and it showcases beautiful female athletes as they battle it out under the summer sun. You must cooperate and compete as you take control of bikini-clad athletes and go two-on-two at the net. Those craving a deeper experience can create their own athlete and teammate and enter the all-new World Tour mode. With each win, you'll compete to earn attributes and use a mixture of encouragements and insults to develop your teammate's AI.


Beach Spikers Boxart

Beach Spikers (JPN)

19th July 2002


Beach Spikers Boxart

Beach Spikers (NA)

12th August 2002


Beach Spikers Boxart

Beach Spikers (EU)

27th September 2002


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