The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Nintendo Entertainment System

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The Adventures of Bayou Billy is an action game released by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America in 1989. It is a revised version of the 1988 Family Computer game Mad City. The game employs various play styles that were popular at the time such as beat-'em-up, gun shooting and racing. The majority of the game follows a beat-'em-up format in which the player character (Billy) must engage in hand-to-hand combat against every enemy he encounters in order proceed from one area to the next until reaching the end of each stage before his health runs out. Billy's basic attacks consists of a punch, a kick and a jump kick performed by pressing the A and B buttons simultaneously. The player can also arm Billy with one of three melee weapons dropped by certain enemies: a throwing knife, a club and a whip.


The Adventures of Bayou Billy Boxart

The Adventures of Bayou Billy (EU)

24th January 1991


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