Dragon Power

Nintendo Entertainment System

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Dragon Power is an action-adventure game developed and published by Bandai for the Nintendo Entertainment System on March 3, 1988. It is a heavily localized version of the Japanese game Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo (translated to Dragon Ball: Mystery of the Dragon God), originally released on November 27, 1986. Although some of the European releases retain the Dragon Ball assets (under the title Dragon Ball), the North American release removes most references to the franchise. The game follows the first two volumes of the Dragon Ball manga, as the young monkey-tailed boy Goku (along with his teenage friend, Bulma, known in the North American version as Nora), embark on a quest to find all seven Dragon Balls (Crystal Balls in the NA version), in which it is believed that collecting them grants the user any wish they desire. Along the way, they encounter various characters, including turtle hermit Master Roshi (Hermit in the NA version), shapeshifting anthropomorphic pig Oolong (Pudgy in the NA version) and desert bandit Yamcha (Lancer in the NA version).


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Dragon Power (JPN)

27th November 1986


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