Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum

Nintendo Entertainment System

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Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum was an action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System released in 1990 exclusively in North America. Players take the role of Dash Galaxy, a space scout who has been captured by a hostile civilization. Gameplay involves a series of floors with several rooms each. Keys must be collected to progress to higher floors and, eventually, an escape ship. Dash's only weapons are a limited supply of bombs and remote detonators. Good timing is crucial to completing the game, requiring navigation of trampoline jumps and roaming enemies. While the rooms are side-scrolling action puzzles, the floors have a overhead view and include more difficult block-moving puzzles which can fatally trap a player.


Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum Boxart

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum (NA)

1st March 1990

Data East

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