Super Dodgeball Brawlers

Nintendo DS

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Based on the classic Super Dodgeball released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Dodgeball Brawlers brings back the old-school Kunio characters with an all new arsenal of super throws and attacks in an all-out war for playground supremacy. Super Dodgeball Brawlers has over 100 ball-busting special attacks! Dish out a variety of pain with over 100 special attacks with their own special animations and effects, like the Cactus Attack and Panda Shot. The Perfect Game for Multiplayer Mayhem! Compete in a traditional game of dodgeball against a friend or take part in a multiplayer street brawl with up to 8 players with a single Game Card. Finally, an open season for Violence! If the old-fashioned way doesn't work for you, you can now use punches, kicks, and even weapons against the opposing team.


Super Dodgeball Brawlers Boxart

Super Dodgeball Brawlers (JPN)

19th March 2008

Aksys Games

Super Dodgeball Brawlers Boxart

Super Dodgeball Brawlers (NA)

27th May 2008

Aksys Games

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