Frogger: Helmet Chaos

Nintendo DS

  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Developer: Konami
  • Publisher(s): Konami
  • First release: 29th September 2005
  • Genres(s): Platform

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Frogger returns in an all-new platform game, Frogger Helmet Havoc. In the amphibious hero's latest adventure, Frogger must stop an evil force that threatens his home, Firefly Swamp, and the nearby kingdom of Bunnington Hollow. To stop Dr. Wani and his destructive mining efforts, you must help Frogger hop and dodge his way to the mastermind's lair. Frogger has unique abilities that allow him to climb walls, double-jump, tongue-grab, and more.


Frogger: Helmet Chaos Boxart

Frogger: Helmet Chaos (NA)

29th September 2005


Frogger: Helmet Chaos Boxart

Frogger: Helmet Chaos (EU)

17th February 2006


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