Wing War

Atari 2600

  • Platform: Atari 2600
  • Developer: I.Magic
  • Publisher(s): Data Age
  • First release: 31st December 1983
  • Genres(s): Adventure Arcade

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Wing War is a rather unique game that was only available in Europe, even though it was announced for the US market and is the only Imagic title that was not released in the US. The gameplay is a little like the classic arcade game Joust, except it's a bit more complex and involves a lot of exploration. A mystical dragon sets out to find crystals of fire, air, and water, in order to gain special powers, and eggs which will hatch into new dragons. The dragon must defeat enemies by shooting fireballs, which is accomplished by pushing the joystick upwards and in the direction the player wishes to shoot in. Some enemies can be killed with one shot, others with two, and some take more and more fireballs to be killed as the game progresses. What is truly unique about this game is that the fire and water crystals must never be dropped off consecutively, or else they will destroy one another. An air crystal must separate the two. Also, players must learn to conserve fireballs, otherwise they will find they have no way of defending themselves against their enemies. Wing War is a very unique game, and a shame it was never released in the United States.


Wing War Boxart

Wing War (EU)

31st December 1983

Data Age

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