Tunnel Runner

Atari 2600

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Get a move on, TUNNEL RUNNER. Those monstrous Maze Zots have picked up your scent and there's only one item on their menu --- you! You've been running up and down tunnels like a rat for so long, you're starting to develop a taste for cheese. Oh sure, you can get out . . . you just haven't been able to find the Key to the right Escape Door, that's all. Wait! There it is!

Quickly --- pick it up and start making tracks for that door! You can hear one of those Zots hot on your heels! No time to check the map --- this better be the right way! There's a door up ahead. You did it! You're free!

Sorry, Tunnel Runner, not quite...


Tunnel Runner Boxart

Tunnel Runner (NA)

31st December 1983

Mattel Electronics

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