Stellar Track

Atari 2600

  • Platform: Atari 2600
  • Developer: Sears Tele-Games
  • Publisher(s): Sears
  • First release: 31st December 1981
  • Genres(s): Shooter Simulator Strategy Adventure Turn-based strategy

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Stellar Track is a text- and turn-based strategy game where the player controls a Terran Super Warship that must clear out alien ships from all quadrants of a galaxy. It was a conversion of a college mainframe Star Trek game released by Sears in 1981. It is a suitably primitive game where you have to run scans to locate enemies and starbases on a 6 x 6 galactic map. You run scans to find the enemies then must warp to their quadrant to confront them with either phasers or photon torpedoes. You use the joystick to determine the numerals of where you intend you to travel to.


Stellar Track Boxart

Stellar Track (NA)

31st December 1981


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