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Your divers have collected treasure from the ocean floor. On their way back up to surface they are attacked by hostile fish, sharks and enemy submarines. It is, therefore, your task to collect your divers with your own submarine. While doing that you are not totally defenceless since your sub is able to fire bullets. But you have to watch out for your oxygen level which is shown at the bottom of the screen - once it is depleted, you die. So, every now and then you have to surface to replenish your oxygen supply. But you will lose one of the rescued divers if you surface with less than six frogmen onboard. After having rescued six divers, you move on to the next stage. As the game progresses, the then enemies become faster and more numerous.


Seaquest Boxart

Seaquest (NA)

31st December 1983

Tang's Electronic Co., Ltd.

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