Montezuma's Revenge

Atari 2600

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PANAMA JOE, That’s what they call him ‘round these parts; though no one knows his real name or where he comes from. But one thing’s for sure, PANAMA JOE’s a daredevil from the word “go!” No risk’s too great if the reward’s large enough. Winning. That’s what’s the most important to him. And more times than not, that’s exactly what he does. Because he’s tough, clever – resourceful. And sometimes, downright pig-headed! Though occasionally (ah-hum), he’s been known to get in over his head. Luckily, he’s got a knack for getting himself out of hot water as quickly as he gets into it! Let’s hope MONTEZUMA’S REVENGE is one of those times.


Montezuma's Revenge Boxart

Montezuma's Revenge (NA)

31st December 1984

Atari, Inc.

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