Demolition Herby

Atari 2600

  • Platform: Atari 2600
  • Developer: Telesys
  • Publisher(s): Telesys
  • First release: 1st November 1982
  • Genres(s): Racing Arcade

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You're out to clear the tracks with Demolition Herby. But on your way bash and crash anyone who gets in your way or it's the junkyard for you! Squash a squad car, trash a tow truck.. shift into overdrive and give them the slip. But watch your fuel - even hot-shot hotrodders run out of gas! Don't even try and control this dastardly driver 'cause he'll drive you mad! Just jump on the throttle and let him rip! It'll take all you've got to master this maniac maze.


Demolition Herby Boxart

Demolition Herby (NA)

1st November 1982


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