Shockwave Assault

3DO Interactive Multiplayer

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Shockwave Assault, also released as simply Shock Wave, is a science fiction flight combat shooting game for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC and the Macintosh. The player takes on control of a futuristic plane to defeat many extraterrestrial ships and tripods. The plane's main weapons are lasers and rockets. The game includes two discs. The first disc takes place on earth where the player must liberate the planet from the alien invaders. The second disc takes place on Mars. The game received a 3DO-exclusive sequel, Shockwave 2: Beyond the Gate. Shock Wave was a pack-in game for the Goldstar 3DO.


Shockwave Assault Boxart

Shockwave Assault (NA)

6th April 1994

Electronic Arts

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