You want to contribute to Pixelpendium? We would greatly appreciate it! Please note we're just starting out right now, this is kind of operation is new to us, but we would be happy for any help you think you could provide to keep video game history alive.

Are you a game reviewer or critic?

We would love to hear your views on games. In fact we have something special just for you! Sign up and Direct Message us your Username on Twitter (@pixelpendium) or our Discord along with a link to your website or Youtube. Once we have verified you as a critic we will make give your Pixelpendium account special privileges so that when you leave a review on our site you leave a link to your full article or review video, which we will then show to all our users along with your review!

Serious contributor

So you're serious about video games and looking to help with preserving and researching of videos games? That’s great news, and we want to hear from you!

Pixelpendium is a big operation, from Web Developers to Content Writers our project requires people with all sorts of skills and passions.

Below are just a few examples of people we need to help with Pixelpendium duties:

  • Font End Web Designer/Developer
  • Opinion piece writers, are you passionate about a game, series or platform and confident in your writing abilities? Help out by publishing articles through Pixelpendium on your thoughts and experiances!
  • Platform Leads, are you completely passionate about a particular console? Then we'd love to hear for you to see if you're the right person to become a platform lead and head up all work for your chosen console.

Help move and nurture what we would like to think is the start of the world best online video game archive, with research done by actual gamers passionate about video game history.

Depending on the roles above, some of the ways you could help with the Pixelpendium platform is:

  • Filling in game information such as researched release dates, cover images, etc.
  • Writing opinion articles to get your ideas over to the reader.
  • Provide ideas for the website.
  • Provide scans of some of the games you own so we can update our database.
  • And much more!

If you think you can commit even a small bit of your time to help preserve video game history, then please get in touch with us using the means below.

Stay in touch!

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